Living Room Performance

Dress yourself up for your followers. Or you put your profile in private mode at all. You might take some but never bite it, double-click and swipe it. Are you going to steal that bike if the color of your skin and your income affects the decision on what kind of food you buy? We know it all! We are living 1000 miles away and know every fucking quarter of the big apple and have seen all the things on all those pictures. But if you go there, people will be friendly and colored. They actually are.



BARTER 6 is a 20 minutes text and slideshow performance for an apartment or living room. What starts like a single travel report of a white European into the neighborhoods of NYC, ends with a story which could be everyones! Eventually we are all looking at ourselfs, listening to Young Thug and having pizza and smoothies.




26+27/1/2016 : HORS LITS BERN




Concept, performance Oliver Roth / Produced with Hors Lits Bern



Photos: ©Oliver Roth