Exhibition at a supermarket

One week residency and research at Coop Supermarket in Berne within the public art project transform lead to an exhibition in the the supermarket. 10 paintings called «Aktionspläne» were exhibited in the regular shelvs of the market. The digital paintings are showing the paths of coustomers through the shop while shopping - gender and age of the customer and amount of items purchased are mentioned on the paintings. A printed booklet limited to 40 pieces with documentary texts about the time spent at the supermarket and a map of the paintings were handed to the audience. The opening of the show happened in the empty supermarked during closing time - the exhibition stayed for one week while the market was regularly open.







Concept, performance, prints Oliver Roth / Produced for transform Bern



Photos: ©transform

Aktionsplan 9/10_Ich fühle mich beobachtet