A social convention

«I'm on my own, in a world I've grown. I’m trying to arise from the sea of dullness in which I drown, I try to surf on the waves of hardness and try to turn up from the lack of emotions. There was a sense of disappointment at my 8th birthday party when the adults got drunk. I’m seriously trapped in a butter rubbed baking tin. My endgame is a boring dinner evening with a befriended 30 something couple - we’re drinking out of tiny booze glasses. The rebels are dead and the clowns depressed. I’m paddling out; I’m in another state; I’m diving into ME TIME!»

Oliver Roth and his team make a gift, they give you ME TIME! You’re invited to celebrate birthday differently than sitting on a table a cheering to one person only – it’s a unique experience of togetherness. This celebration is for everyone and is becoming a festivity of being alive and of a time for yourself. The performers start from you, they believe in you and in the momentum of a group. The audience experiences the hidden power of nothingness, the productivity of daydreaming, the subversive of wasting time and the political of loitering. Some things are prepared, gifts maybe, a small party; out of this a situation is sculpted, that is different every evening. In this bubbly space no_one must do anything they don't want, here it’s possible to question conventions fundamentally. ME TIME! is a dive into your body, into the here and now – a beautiful time of evanescence.


The self-created genre «A social convention» offers the possibility to re-think established traditions. The custom of the birthday celebration is fundamentally questioned without neglecting it. Roth, Paley and Jakob are examining the unwritten rules of birthday rituals with an ultra-personal approach and re-appropriate those through a contemporary update. The piece establishes a discourse about how to be together in a festive environment and asks how we can simultaneously celebrate and have a time for yourself.






14.- 16.2.2019     Ballhaus Ost Berlin

4.- 6.5.2018         Tanzhaus Zürich x Zürich Tanzt x Cabaret Voltaire

23 + 24.3.2018    ROXY Birsfelden

15. + 16.3.2018   Südpol Luzern *Premiere*

10.10.2017          Fête du théâtre Genève (work in progress)

13.5.2017            PREMIO (work in progress)

18.3.2017            PREMIO (work in progress)

Fotos ©Nelly Rodriguez

A performance by Oliver Roth In collaboration with Thomas Giger, Cosima Grand, Silja Gruner, Fanny Heier, Demian Jakob, Valentine Paley, Martin Schick & Miriam Coretta Schulte / Thanks to Rabea Grand, Jessica Huber, Jenny Scherer and Amlehn Kindergarten Kriens produced by Big Time Production co-produced by Tanzhaus Zürich & ZÜRICH TANZT, ROXY Birsfelden and Südpol Luzern / with the support of PREMIO - Nachwuchspreis für Theater und Tanz, der Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, der Ernst Göhner Stiftung und des Migros-Kulturprozent / supported by Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Ruth und Paul Wallach Stiftung und Kulturabteilung der Stadt Vevey