ONE Talks

ONE Talks

... and the others shut up

Two or three people talk 20 minutes each about themselves, their lives, their ideas. Without focus on sensation and knowledge, but on the inconsiderable, the less popular and the buckled. ONE Talks is not a talk format but a listening session, a lesson in paying attention and a frame for the very normal.


A format by General Performances / Oliver Roth & Martin Schick


6-9/6/2017 : Wildwuchs Theaterfestival Basel

24+27/5/2017 : Fototage Biel

6/5/2016 : Nacht der 1000 Fragen Biel/Bienne

5/12/2015 : Friction at Gessnerallee Zürich

May / June 2015 : Le Tandem at Urgent Paradise Lausanne

Feb. / Mar. / Nov. 2015 : Atelier 262 Progr Bern







Photos © Diana Pfamatter