next dates:

3.2. - 8.2.23: OMFG_oh my fluffy garbage by Reut Nahum, Tanzhaus Zürich

5. + 6.5.23: Sharing research Resonant Beings with Cosima Grand, Tanzhaus Zürich

19. + 20.5.23: You are not alone, performance online, Zürich Tanzt

feb - april: online residancy at (re)shape


- read my text in the magazine 2XXX by Jeans for Jesus

- listen to my soundcloud mix for "Light of Other Days"

- read a magazin with a text by me: "Stoff für den Shut-Down, Vol. 3"

- go and see the piece "Restless Beings" of Cosima Grand I wrote some texts for

- fill the online website with material you collected during the pandemic for a Theatre Time Capsule