© Diana Pfammatter

MASK OFF is an encounter of two people. One by one, the spectators, as individual guests, enter an installation space with a human in search of intimacy. As with everyday meetings, the smallest movements and big emotions resonate here. Social preformed material is visualized in MASK OFF; attached unmasked. Everything is important in these 20 minutes and at the same time everything does not matter, at least every meeting is unique. With what is between us, with our being together and our vibrations, we fill the space together. To what extent do you want to drop your mask? Do you see how it flickers between us?

26. & 27.10.2019  ROXY Birsfelden

27.9.2019             Try Out, Tanzhaus Zürich

4. & 5.5.2019        Try Out, Zürich Tanzt

© Diana Pfammatter

Concept and realization: Oliver Roth / performance and co-realization: Micha Goldberg / scenography, installation: Thomas Giger / Oeil extérieur: Cosima Grand / production: Silja Gruner / graphics: Roli Deluxe / co-production: ROXY Birsfelden, ZÜRICH TANZT / supported by Tanzhaus Zürich, Schweizerische In­terpretenstiftung SIS